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Sobhan Padamati
Siddharth Narasimhan
Bob Bender
Karen Rafferty
Xin Zhou

bharatsanchar.com is the next generation Internet Service Provider in India. With its state of the art network topology and services, it is going to revolutionize the Indian ISP market. Serving both the home users and business customers, bharatsanchar.com will open up new markets in the Indian ISP industry. By designing a scalable infrastructure, BharatSanchar.com will be "Putting the Service back in Internet Service Provider".

Take a look at the TOC of our business plan. Please contact us if you need the full business plan.

This site is still under construction... Please bear with us.

Coming soon...
- Network topology
- Products and Services that would be offered
- Network guarantees (quality and uptime)
- Pricing

For further information, please contact sobhan@padamati.com